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You might have noticed that some businesses take off right after they are launched, some take a little time to pick up the pace, and some never really make it big in the commercial market. This is not just something random but there lies a scientific and logical explanation behind this.

Business is not a matter of chance anymore. One who sows more reaps more, i.e., the more effort you put, the more are the chances of your running a successful business. Of course, the idea matters a lot along with a compatible working staff, hard work, proper execution, etc.

However, the most important role to the success of a business or a company nowadays has been taken by the Marketing. The market is full of products and there is a lot of competition. How the product will attract the customer has become more important than the product itself.

For people who are new to the business world or are perfectionists who would not want any errors, there are market research companies in India that specialize in the marketing sector. They conduct surveys and research to give reports and valuable insights to the business owners. AEON Market Research is a market research company that has experts with nearly 20 years of experience. A market research company does the work of research and report making on behalf of the company so that the company is able to make informed decisions.

What is Marketing?

Though the exact and perfect definition of the term ‘Marketing’ is hard to give anything related to the sales and awareness of a product or service comes under Marketing. Marketing is required and present at almost all stages of a business but it has a major role in attracting the customer and creating a demand for the product.

According to E Jerome McCarthy, there are 4 Ps of Marketing-

  1. Product

Here, product refers to the product or services that a company is producing or planning to produce. Here, marketing research answers crucial questions like- Is there a demand for this product? Which market is suitable? Who is the target audience?

  1. Price

Before launching the product, the price of the product is to be determined. The marketing research helps to point out the perfect price that is neither too high nor too low through research or surveys.

  1. Place

A place is a prerequisite for any business to start. The marketing team suggests the perfect place for the production and launch of the product which tells us where and how to produce and sell.

  1. Promotion

Here lies the most important role of the marketing research team. They promote and create awareness of the product among the customers and potential customers in order to create and boost sales.

There are several kinds of marketing prevalent in the market nowadays. Some of which are-

Print Marketing- Print Marketing is not a recent phenomenon and has been on the scene for quite a lot time now. Businesses pay the newspapers and magazines to publish content related to their business or sponsor other content to be seen.

Online Marketing- Online Marketing resorts to the Internet world to attract and aware their customers or potential customers. It refers to having a presence in the online world and being seen and heard by the people.

Search Engine Optimisation-Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is a well-known practice in which content is optimized by a website according to the search engine algorithm so that the website appears first when someone searched for related content.

Search Engine Marketing-Search Engine Marketing is a little different from Search Engine Optimisation. Companies pay the search engines to show their website first when someone searched for similar keywords.

Blog Marketing- Blog Marketing is the process of writing and publishing blogs on the company website to generate traffic to the website. Such blogs inform the reader about various things and also make them aware of the product or services of the company.

Social Media Marketing-Social Media Marketing is one of the most popular and effective marketing strategies in the present scenario. Companies put ads on the social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, etc to attract people.

Video Marketing-Video Marketing involves making relatable and relevant videos on trending subjects that inform or entertain the viewers. They simultaneously promote their product or brand.

Benefits of Marketing Research Survey

By now, you must have an idea of how crucial marketing and marketing research is for a business to start and achieve success.

Marketing Research Surveys are surveys conducted to solve and address various marketing problems through direct or indirect interactions with the customers or potential customers. Here are a few more benefits of conducting a Marketing Research Survey-

  • It tells you the feasibility of the idea of the business.

Conducting a marketing research survey for a business idea is a wise choice. before making any heavy investment, one should have the confidence that it is a feasible business idea that will be profitable in the future.


  • It tells you what is your target audience.

A marketing research survey asks questions to people which gives an idea of what kind of people would be interested in the product or service. It prepares the business to cater to the demands and expectations of the target audience.


  • It tells you which is place or market is the most suitable fit for the business.

Marketing research surveys also collect information regarding the geographical location in relation to the demographics to find the perfect place for the business to start.


  • It helps to promote the product among the masses

Marketing research surveys also such questions to people which give the information regarding what attracts customers to any product, how a product catches their attention and what do they look for in a particular kind of product.


Apart from these, there are various other benefits of marketing research surveys. To know more and for professional assistance, feel free to contact AEON Market Research, a marketing research company on their website.