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From: Matty Demont
Sent: 03 December 2018 13:06
Subject: RE: DFC – summary of extra services from Aeon

 Dear Anil,

We are now in the middle of our behavioral experiments and I wanted to give you some feedback on the excellent work conducted by Aeon Market Research under the leadership of Rajib. IRRI just released a press article on these experiments here, in which we explicitly acknowledge Aeon as our implementing partner. Please feel free to use it or link to it for your own press coverage.

Thanks to the outstanding organization of Rajib, we can now confidently claim that the experiments are a success. We know from our own experience that organizing our protocol of behavioral experiments is extremely challenging. Since we are interested in sex-disaggregated data and intrahousehold decision-making, we want to sample household heads and their spouses. We realize that inviting both household members to this experiment and ensuring that they both show up is a daunting task. We were happy to see that Aeon has successfully accomplished this task. Our sessions were always complete and featured the diversity and heterogeneity of household types in lower to middle income classes in West Bengal. We can conclude at this point that Aeon has done an amazing job in organizing this important part of our experiment. And I am pretty sure this quality will be reflected in the quality of our results. We were already happy with the excellent quality work Aeon has delivered with the consumer surveys in the first phase. Now, we are happy to see that Aeon has also delivered high quality work for this behavioral complex experiment.

I hope this collaboration will continue to grow and I can guarantee you we will revert back to Aeon for future projects.

All the best,