Why to Choose AEON Market Research?

How crucial the process of market research is for an aspiring, emerging, or developing business is not hidden from anyone anymore. It is extremely important to gain knowledge and have related numerical data about one’s own business and niche market space before venturing into the market. However, it is not at all a one-time job that can be accomplished by doing and finishing it once and for all.

Market Research for any business or market space requires regular updates and this is where the in-house research becomes a little ineffective. Since it is not feasible for a business to conduct market researches on their own every time and it is also not economical to have staff members exclusively for market research even when it is not needed immediately.

The solution comes in the form of Market Research Companies. These companies are specialized in conducting market research in accordance with their client’s requirements and preferences. Both new and existing companies approach these Market Research Companies for various commissioned works, for example, for entry strategies, for promotional strategies, for production strategies, for advertisement strategies, and much more. The Market Research Companies not only provide their clients with the data but also advice and opinion on various subjects.

There are various Market Research Companies available in the market and it is a task of utmost responsibility to choose the best one for your company. Here, we would tell you why AEON Market Research is the most suitable and efficient option available to you.

AEON Market Research is an all-services Leading marketing research company headquartered in New Delhi, India. But the agency has its services available to clients almost all over the country and abroad through a network of domestic and overseas establishments.

Established in 2011, the company has provided its services to small as well as large firms ranging from boutique research agencies to large multinational firms satisfying the clients from both the extremes to the best of our ability and resources.

Services Provided

The marketing agency provides a number of services to its clients. The most commonly availed services include multi-mode Data Collection (accomplished through both quantitative and qualitative researches and surveys), Survey Programming and Hosting, Data Processing and Analytics, Small Ad-hoc projects, Business, and Consumer Research, Confirmit, and Dimensions, Translation and Transcription et.al. The clients can avail these services separately, all of them or as a combination of different services.

Key Feature

The most attractive and impressive feature of AEON Market Research is the fact that the company performs all the activities involved in the market research process by itself. This ensures the credibility and reliability of the data which is the foremost and probably the most important criteria for a good and effective market report.

They perform the Survey, Sampling, Collection, Processing, and Analysis of the data in-house without sourcing it to any other smaller firm.

The Team

Any establishment is just as good as its team is. AEON Market Research is well aware of this and proves this saying perfectly.

AEON Market Research has a powerful team of highly professional, knowledgeable, and experienced trained in various aspects of market research. The core team of AEON Market Research has a cumulative experience of 70 years in the market research field with each member having an individual experience of almost two decades.

The market research service provider takes pride in such a team and dedicates the growth and development of the firm to the same.


AEON Market Research is a member of ESOMAR (European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research), AIMRI (Advanced Medical Research Institute), BIG (Business Intelligence Group), IAMAI (Internet & Mobile Association of India) and has a track record of abiding by their code of conduct, best practices, and professional ethics.

Till now, we have become acquainted with the background, services, team, presence, and reputation of AEON Market Research. Following are a few reasons you should consider AEON Market Research as your market research consultant.

  • The company is one of the most reputed and renowned market agencies providing its services to clients for almost one and half a decade.
  • AEON is the first and only organization in India that has a separate vertical on Market Research Data Collection and Quality Management System
  • Since they do not outsource their surveys and data collection, the report that they prepare is genuine and accurate.
  • The price that the agency charges from its clients are highly competitive in order to expand its market and make its services affordable to a large number of clients. Also, this is not at the cost of high quality and ethical research practices.
  • Since there is minimal or no third-party participation, the turnaround time of the agency is truly impressive. This also happens because each commissioned project is appointed its own single project manager. This makes it easy to communicate with the client as well as with the internal team.
  • The agency is well known for its Outbox thinking and creative ideas.
  • Their lean structure provides optimum attention and focuses on each and every project ensuring maximum satisfaction of the client.
  • They are obedient and true to their deadlines. This is the result of the involvement of a senior team member at each and every stage of the work under progress. This also ensures the quality of the service delivered.

If we go by their policies and track record, AEON Market Research is bent on providing quality market research services to small and big business firms alike. They are keen to work differently from their peers and it shows in their actions and efforts. Their amicable staff ease the client into the process and their expert team hands over the report without any trouble on the client’s part. Having faith in hard work, diligence, determination, and transparency, they believe in facing challenges, learning from them, and leaving no stone unturned to serve the client exactly what they demanded.