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Thank you for choosing AEON Market Research Pvt. Ltd.

Before you can go ahead and start filling in your shopper profile and extended profile, we would request you to please go through the important terms and conditions below and acknowledge that you have understood and accepted the same.

  1. By signing up as shopper, you are not under direct employment of AEON Market Research Pvt. Ltd. You are only engaged as a Mystery Shopper and have to follow all the rules, regulations, terms and conditions that are mentioned on this page as well as mentioned in the shopper profile and extended profile signup.
  2. Misusing any AEON Market Research Pvt. Ltd. or any of our client logos, documents, authority letters or official documents will result in direct termination of your association with AEON Market Research Pvt. Ltd. You will not be paid any pending dues (if any). You would also be liable to legal action. All legal issues will be settled in the courts of Mumbai, India.
  3. The Shopper understands and agrees that he/she will submit accurately and adequately filled reports along with actual real time proofs in the stipulated time period (24 – 48 hours as per the project). Failing to submit the assignment accurately and adequately filled on time will result in cancellation of the Mystery Audit/Activity and also the shopper will forego his/her payment.
  4. The Shopper agrees that all information shared in this acknowledgment, shopper profile and extended shopper profile about him/her is 100% accurate. If, AEON Market Research Pvt. Ltd. finds that any of the information was false or forged, it would result in immediate termination of the association, no pending dues (if any) will be given and legal action will be initiated. All legal issues will be settled in the courts of Mumbai, India.
  5. The shopper agrees to follow all rules and instructions laid down by AEON Market Research Pvt. Ltd. at all times.

Privacy Policy

AEON Market Research Pvt. Ltd has adopted this Privacy Shield Policy (“Policy”) to establish and maintain an adequate level of Personal Data privacy protection. This Policy applies to the processing of Personal Data that AEON obtains from Customers located in India and elsewhere, on behalf of our Agents.

This Policy applies to the processing of Individual Customer Personal Data that AEON receives in India concerning Individual Customers, on behalf of our Agents or direct Customers. AEON provides products and services to businesses and consumers and acts as the Processor for these Agents.

This Policy does not cover data from which individual persons cannot be identified or situations in which pseudonyms are used. (The use of pseudonyms involves the replacement of names or other identifiers with substitutes so that identification of individual persons is not possible.)

AEON has designated the Compliance Team to oversee its information security program, including its compliance with the company and industry policy. The Compliance Team shall review and approve any material changes to this program as necessary.

AEON will maintain, monitor, test, and upgrade information security policies, practices, and systems to assist in protecting the Personal Data that it collects.

Prior to the re-certification, AEON will conduct an in-house verification to ensure that its statements and assertions with regard to its treatment of Individual Customer Personal Data are accurate and that the company has appropriately implemented these practices. Specifically, as part of the verification process, AEON will undertake the following :

  1. Review this Privacy policy and its publicly posted website privacy policy to ensure that these policies accurately describe the practices regarding the collection of Individual Customer Personal Data
  2. Ensure that this Policy continues to comply with the Privacy Shield principles
  3. Confirm that Individual Customers are made aware of the process for addressing complaints and any independent dispute resolution process (AEON may do so through its publicly posted website, Individual Customer contract, or both)
  4. Review its processes and procedures for training Employees about AEON’s participation in the Privacy Shield program and the appropriate handling of Individual’s Personal Data. AEON will prepare an internal verification statement on an annual basis.

AEON provides various solutions to its Individual Customers who use its products. AEON collects Personal Data from Individual Customers when they use its products, register with our website, log-in to their account, complete surveys, request information or otherwise communicate with us. For example, AEON individual customers may choose to sign up for an account and complete surveys.

The Personal Data that we collect may vary, based on the Agent’s requirements, on the Individual Customer’s interaction with our website and request for our services. As a general matter, AEON collects the following types of Personal Data from its Individual Customers: contact information, including, a contact person’s name, work email address, work mailing address, work telephone number, title, as well as payment information (which might include paypal email address and/or bank account information). Individual customers have the option to log into their accounts online and to request service online, including through a live support option; we will collect information that they choose to provide to us through these portals.

When Individual Customers use our services online, we will collect their IP address and browser type. We may associate IP address and browser type with a specific customer. We also may collect Personal Data from persons who contact us through our website to request additional information; in such a situation, we would collect contact information (as discussed above) and any other information that the person chooses to submit through our website.

The information that we collect from Individual Customers is used for distributing solicitations for surveys, distributing surveys, managing transactions and work flow, technical review, reporting, invoicing, renewals, other operations related to providing services and products to the Individual Customer.

AEON uses Personal Data that it collects directly from its Individual Customers and for its partners indirectly in its role as a service provider for the following business purposes, without limitation:

  1. maintaining and supporting its products, delivering and providing the requested products/services, and complying with its contractual obligations related thereto (including managing transactions, reporting portal, invoices, renewals, and other operations related to providing services to a Individual Customer);
  2. satisfying governmental reporting, tax, and other requirements (e.g., import/export);
  3. storing and processing data, including Personal Data, in computer databases and servers located in India
  4. verifying identity (e.g., for online access to accounts);
  5. as requested by the Individual Customer;
  6. for other business-related purposes permitted or required under applicable local law and regulation;
  7. and as otherwise required by law.

AEON uses reasonable efforts to maintain the accuracy and integrity of Personal Data and to update it as appropriate.

Right to Access. Individual Customers have the right to know what Personal Data about them is included in the databases and to ensure that such Personal Data is accurate and relevant for the purposes for which AEON collected it. Individual Customers may review their own Personal Data stored in the databases and correct, erase, or block any data.

AEON personnel may access and use Personal Data only if they are authorized to do so and only for the purpose for which they are authorized. incorrect, as permitted by applicable law and company and industry policies.

Further, AEON uses secure encryption technology to protect certain categories of personal data. Despite these precautions, no data security safeguards guarantee 100% security all of the time.

AEON personnel may access and use Personal Data only if they are authorized to do so and only for the purpose of validating the collected or received information, as permitted by applicable law and company and industry policies.