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Effectiveness of Direct Marketing Strategies

Direct marketing is staying in touch with the right audience of the brand, this group is selective and are most likely to be inclined towards the products or services of your company.

Direct marketing is staying in touch with the right audience of the brand, this group is selective and are most likely to be inclined towards the products or services of your company.

Promoting a specific product or service will call on your customers to act. There are a lot of ways of doing Direct Marketing but the right ways are the ones that bring in the real community around your brand.

Direct Marketing Growth In India

Since the increase of internet users in India, more and more brands are looking for ways and avenues to connect directly with their customers. Part of the increase in users and internet penetration can be attributed to the Jio wave and the resultant down pricing in the internet packs.

Benefits Of Direct Marketing To Your Customers

The benefits of Direct Marketing are countless, including the test of your product’s complete market appeal or the market fit. This is lacking in the case of in-direct marketing where you are broadcasting your product in the open field while not giving the customer the ease of reaching you back with feedback about the product.

  • Ability to provide a personalised message to your audience. With all the customer data, brands can curate a tailor-made message that will delight the customers
  • A great advantage of direct marketing is no presence of 3rd party or aggregators, which in turn helps in saving resources to convey your message
  • Since there is no 3rd party between you and your audience, brands can build a well-defined sales funnel. Every response by the audience is the opportunity to follow up and make smarter goals
  • The biggest advantage of direct marketing is the community factor. All the direct communication helps in developing a good relationship with your community which further develops into your brand advocates

Direct marketing also increases sales from your existing audience. Re-establishing relationships with your customers is the best way to keep them interested in your product.

9 Best Direct Marketing Strategies

A timely marketing plan can make your brand reach directly and effectively to your desired customers, fulfilling your brand's goal. Following are some great ways of doing Direct Marketing:

  1. Internet Marketing. The Internet is a great channel for targeting the right audience. One can also make groups or forums around the brand which will make more brand advocates resulting in word of mouth marketing.
  2. Face-to-Face Marketing. Face to Face Marketing is the in-person presence of the brand for the audience which can be done by popup shops and canopies. This brings in a personal touch to the whole marketing funnel and also helps in getting direct feedback from the existing customers. This way of marketing has been used since the birth of marketing and it will never be less useful to a brand.
  3. Direct Mail. Many companies enjoy giving their customers hampers and gifts, your brand should too because a lot of brands like Toyota got everyone interested in their launch event when they sent great innovative direct mails to the bloggers and influencers. Direct mail also shows the consumers that the company cares about their consumer base while sending them something that connects their thought process towards the marketed product.
  4. Email Marketing. Emails are an essential part of everybody’s life since the paradigm shifted to online in the last few years. While mails are a major communication channel for the corporate and business world even schools have adopted the same. This brings in a great opportunity for brands to promote their products, new updates and news about their innovations around the industry. Weekly email marketing has proven to bring in loads of recurring customers.
  5. Telemarketing. Getting into direct contact with your customers, talking about their requirements and where they are coming from. Knowing their pain points of the customer is the core of finding product-market fit. Improvements in the brand’s product should be consumer-oriented and are essential for the growth of the business.
  6. Direct - Response Ads. Direct response ads are meant to initiate immediate action from the customer. For example, CTA of getting a demo for a specific product. While these ads are very effective they also bring in a great deal of branding if done right. Brands target their existing customers and potential customers differently bringing a great deal of difference than indirect marketing.
  7. Kiosk Marketing. Kiosks are placed selectively at waiting areas around malls, airports, subways and hotels. They are a great way to market your brand as the consumer of the advertised product will be watching your ad with interest. Good kiosk advertising can imprint in the minds of the customer base and they can even discuss it with their peers.
  8. Coupons. Coupons bring in an immediate rush to the consumers towards buying the products. They also set a tone towards finalising the abandoned carts while giving them a nudge to buy the product.
  9. Giveaways. Giving back to your community is something that every brand aspires to. By doing both open and competitive giveaways one can attract the crowd, enthusiasts and industry influencers. Your investment is only your product’s cost and this can also bring in new audiences who are interested in your brand.

Benefits of Market Research in Direct Marketing

While direct marketing is great and very effective, some things need to be in check. First, the target audience has to be very accurate otherwise the marketing campaign will fail. Second, the placements of your advertisement and branding should be according to your audience. For example, localising your content language according to the regions you are targeting.

Targeting is something that a lot of companies fail at and lose a lot of money on. They either have a target that is too broad, or too niche. Too broad of an audience leads to issues such as wastage of resources, confusion in the communication of the brand and even logistical problems. Keeping your target niche may keep your communication channels focused but can also be limiting overall. The knowledge of the correct demographics is gold for product-based marketing. This knowledge can only come from rigorous and accurate research of the market. If you play it like a guessing game, you will lose.

Therefore, Market research helps in a lot of levels while opting for direct marketing. The only thing left to do is choose the right kind of research tool, which is something that Aeon will simplify for you. Contact us for Customised Insights for your business and Data Collection services.


Published On - February 20, 2022